Comfy Lounge while Pretty in Pink, by Kelly Mindell

I absolutely love Medley's products (Some of those rose colored chairs you have in there! Holy moly!). The style is such a great fit with Studio DIY! I had a project to makeover Studio DIY HQ to prepare it to function as three things: 1. an office/craft space for myself and team 2. a photo studio for shoots and 3. a workshop and event space!

I created a lounge area as a part of it and was on an epic hunt for the perfect pink couch. I've been running into a few hurdles in my search, first.. finding a pink couch to begin with is tough! And secondly, we needed the couch quickly for some media shoots. Medley solved both with their offering of fabrics and short lead time!

Story by Kelly Mindell. She can be found at and @studiodiy.