4 Work From Home Furniture Essentials

Has your commute gone from getting on the highway to merely getting out of bed? Welcome to work from home life! Whether you chose the remote work life or it chose you, there are several key home office essentials that can help keep you productive, comfortable, and organized. Below, we’ve broken down our favorite furniture pieces that not only support working from home, but will work in your home for years (and years!) to come.

Scroll on for our makeshift office must-haves:

1. A Welcoming Work Table 

Yes, you need an actual desk and, no, putting a throw pillow on your lap doesn’t count. If a traditional “office-y” desk doesn’t feel right for your space (or there’s just not room for a designated spot), a dining table is the perfect multi-purpose alternative. 

All of our 100% solid wood dining tables double as phenomenal work desks with plenty of room to think, sprawl, and get creative. Oh, and the best part? If a table gets scuffed by, say, a scribbling young “co-worker,” you can easily buff out any scratches to keep it looking like new. 

2. Stylish, Supportive Seating 


Jasmi Dining Chair


Even though we clearly love couches, sometimes you need a proper desk chair to get through a day’s work. And just like swapping a desk for a dining table, opting for dining chairs over their corporate cousins undeniably gives you more multifunctional bang for your buck (and your booty).

We offer several completely customizable dining chair, stool, and bench designs so you can create pieces you’ll actually want to sit in all day. Getting to choose the back height, cushioning, and fabric your body needs will make all the difference in how you feel when 5 o’clock rolls around. We promise.

3. Sleek (and sneaky) Storage 

Atten 2-Door Credenza

Papers and wires and pens oh my! A little bit of organizing can go a loooong way, but that doesn’t mean you need to suddenly find space for clunky filing cabinets in your home. 

Our handcrafted credenzas and dressers are not only highly functional storage spaces, but eco-friendly and tailor-made pieces built to become heirlooms. Additionally, if sneakier storage is your thing, several of our coffee tables and ottomans feature subtle (but spacious!) drawers for tucking away work when it’s time to unwind. 

4. A Cozy Conference Call Nook 


Kaydan Chair


Need new scenery for the umpteenth Zoom call? Pop your laptop on a coffee table and curl up on a plush accent chair

Having multiple spots you can effectively get work done will help break up the day, and lounging on an accent chair provides all the “ahhh” comfort sofa dreams are made of while still looking work-appropriate. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your home office but don’t know where to start, set up a free consultation with our luxury furniture design experts today. We’re here for you!